Commissioning | Wintering | Cleaning

Whatever the wintering technique chosen, there will always be a minimum of operations to be carried out so that once the fine weather returns, the restart is done in the best possible conditions.

Thanks to the intervention of our specialized and qualified technicians, we guarantee that your pool will be put back into service. Meticulous work with a fast response time. Working in stages, we put all the necessary skills in place to ensure that your pool is operational for the beautiful days!

Swimming pool waterproofing

Concrete walls or formwork blocks are insufficient to ensure that no water penetrates or leaks. Identify weaknesses in the structure and install a compatible joint.

For a watertight pool, a waterproof coating can be applied to the floor (raft) and walls of the pool. The coating makes the pool watertight and resists water pressure.

Contrary to popular belief, tiles and mosaics, like pool covers, have a mechanical function of protection and finishing, not waterproofing. Waterproof pool covers are therefore indispensable under decorative coverings such as paint or tiles.

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Swimming pool pump: maintenance|filtration

A pool pump has an average service life of 8 to 10 years. But to ensure its longevity, you must take care of it. Remember that it works for you every day from April to October, even in winter if you choose to actively winterize your pond. A pool pump requires regular maintenance.

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Pool repair service

Do not hesitate to contact Artec Piscines for any type of emergency repair for your pool: We intervene at home to respond to all requests and help you as soon as possible.

Is the filtration pump broken? Is the liner defective? Is the water in the pool green? Our pool repairman will provide you with a solution tailored to your problem. He'll carry out a detailed diagnosis to identify the root cause of the failure and determine the next steps to be taken.

In the event of an air/water leak in the pipe, the technician will reform the waterproof material of the pool. If you have a problem with hibernation of the pool, you can also count on our experience.

If it is necessary to replace it, we will provide you with useful advice on the choice and/or purchase of new parts. Whatever the nature of the breakdown, our maintenance team will do its utmost to make quick and lasting repairs.

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We also provide you with all-season pool maintenance and fast and efficient repair services at all times.

5-year warranty

10-year material warranty and 20-year service life

3 year warranty

3-year warranty on our equipment