At Artec Pools, we are proud to offer an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional swimming pools. Find out why the Sagex in-ground pool is an increasingly popular option for homeowners who want to reconcile comfort, sustainability and respect for the environment.

What is a Sagex swimming pool?

Sagex is a strong, lightweight building material made from expanded polystyrene beads. Its closed-cell structure gives it excellent thermal insulation properties and high resistance to humidity and chemicals.

What are the advantages of a Sagex swimming pool?

Thermal insulation

Sagex in-ground pools benefit from exceptional insulation, which helps to maintain a pleasant water temperature throughout the swimming season. In addition, this insulation significantly reduces the heating costs of your pool.

Their main disadvantage is that they are not rot-proof, so they need to be treated against pests and reinforced with paint to make them tough and last longer. They can also develop splinters over time and be slippery when wet.


Sagex is a durable and resistant material that guarantees the longevity of your in-ground pool.

Its high resistance to weathering, shocks, and chemicals makes it a reliable choice for those who want to enjoy their pool for many years to come.

Ease of installation

Building a Sagex in-ground pool is relatively quick and easy.

Thanks to its light weight, the material is easier to handle and install than concrete or polyester shells.

In addition, Sagex panels can be cut to size to fit the desired shape of your pool.

Aesthetic Swimming Pool

Sagex in-ground pools offer a modern and refined aesthetic look.

You can choose from a wide range of finishes to customize the look of your pool and blend it harmoniously into your outdoor environment.

Sagex in-ground swimming pool

In short, opting for a Sagex in-ground pool means choosing a sustainable, ecological and aesthetic solution to fully enjoy swimming in your garden.

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