Artec Swimming Pools

Concrete swimming pool renovation

Whether you have a wooden, concrete or polyester pool, it will need to be renovated after a few years, or simply because some aspects of the pool have become obsolete and need to be renovated.

Artec Piscines integrates a concrete swimming pool renovation project into its services to meet this requirement. The realization of this type of work requires skills in swimming pool renovation and a decisive experience. Artec Piscines has these advantages and will know how to best meet your quality requirements.

Artec Swimming Pools

Pool liner

Need to have your pool liner replaced? We focus on the construction and renovation of swimming pools throughout the French-speaking part of Switzerland, providing our customers with high-quality know-how for many years in the performance of these activities.

The liner is used as a pool liner and is in permanent contact with the pool water and the cleaning products it contains. Over time, it will lose its original colour and appearance. Its lifespan will affect its resistance to physical and chemical aggressions (chlorine, bathing time, etc.), so it should be replaced after about ten years.

Artec Swimming Pools

PVC pool renovation

The reinforced PVC membrane of the swimming pool is composed of two layers of PVC, between which a polyester fabric frame is placed. The reinforced membrane has a thickness of 150/100, i.e. 1.5 mm (compared to 75/100 for a ceiling). Each reinforced swimming pool membrane is transported in rolls to the site, cut into strips and welded into the pool itself.

Has your reinforced pvc pool liner been perforated, cracked or torn? Or simply relaxed and showing signs of poor fit? Artec Piscines will renovate your pool and replace your old reinforced membrane with a new model of your choice.

Artec Swimming Pools

Pool renovation polyester shell

The polyester pool is very practical and easy to install. However, even with very durable materials, polyester can sometimes be damaged due to, for example, abrasion, improper handling or ground movement. Over the years, the shell of the pool liner deteriorates and must be renovated to make it watertight and give it a new look.

But this does not mean that your pool will be lost: contact Artec Piscines to repair a polyester pool in Switzerland and enjoy a long swim.

Whether the hull needs to be refurbished, damaged, cracked or broken, we have the ability to complete a renovation. We can renovate a polyester shell for concrete pools or an above ground or wooden pool.

We use composite materials such as polyester resin, polyurethane resin, epoxy resin, fibreglass and carbon fibre.

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We also provide you with all-season pool maintenance and fast and efficient repair services at all times.

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10-year equipment warranty and 20-year life span

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