It is possible to create an infinite number of pool shapes. The installation of custom-made pools allows you to follow the curves of your garden, your house or to adapt to the greenery. Something that a classic rectangular pool does not necessarily allow!

Inground and semi inground pool

What is a semi-inground pool?

A semi inground pool is a pool that is partially in ground and partially elevated. Thanks to its hybrid structure, it can be installed on sloping ground, for example, where it would not have been possible to dig a conventional pool into the ground.

This type of pool, of different sizes and shapes, meets all the needs of families and is perfectly adapted to different types of land, whether sloping or difficult to access.

There are several types of semi-subterranean pools. They are available in wood, composite, steel, concrete or with a polyester shell. Each material has its own advantages.

Indoor swimming pool

There are several ways to cover your pool. It can be built indoors for year-round swimming, or covered with a shelter or blanket so you can enjoy your pool for longer. The lining solutions available on the market have many features: they make the pool safer, protect the water from external pollution, preserve and increase its temperature, and so on.

Above ground pool

Usually sold as a kit with instructions, one of the main advantages of the above ground pool is that it can be dismantled and taken with you to your new home if you move.

With this pool, you can expect fun, relaxation and coolness. The above ground pool is available in different sizes and thus can be integrated into a variety of outdoor spaces. There are round, rectangular, polygonal, etc. models. It is up to each person to choose the one that suits them best.

Heated swimming pool

Air/water heat pumps are particularly suitable for heating outdoor swimming pools. The mild summer temperature allows a higher coefficient of performance.

The cover is not a heating system in itself, but with the first rays of sunshine, it allows you to gain up to 8°C. In addition, when the weather is cloudy, it helps to keep the water temperature by insulating it from the cold and wind.

Swimming pool with heating

The heat pump

Is a good alternative to extend the swimming season. It captures the heat naturally present in the air, converts it and then releases it at a higher temperature which it then transmits to the pool water.

Thermal solar modules

Use solar radiation to heat the pool water. The water taken from the pool is heated by solar panels (black tubes) and then returned to the pool. The panels are placed on the ground or on the roof of the house. There is no user fee because the sun is free, but they are expensive to buy.

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