The concrete pool is usually made of a monobloc structure. The floor and the vertical walls thus form a single piece of removable reinforced concrete. A concrete pool offers you a wide range of shapes and sizes because it is made to measure.

In addition to the solid and elastic character of the concrete, it must be recognised that the monobloc structure of this type of pool increases the pool's resistance to wear and tear. However, the complexity of the renovation lies precisely in this inalienable unified structure.

Concrete pool renovation work

The concrete pool is a resistant pool, whose structure is 100% waterproof. But after a few years of use, you should generally consider renewing it.

Before starting the work, we will diagnose your concrete pool. Ground movement, leakage or waterproofing problems, penetration, cracks in the masonry or wear and tear on the linings are all opportunities to consider pool renovations.

Renovation doesn't just mean maintenance. It means updating the state of the pool or changing it completely. In this sense, we can add certain functions to your pool: installing massage nozzles or creating a spa area for the health of you and your guests, etc. Whether it means updating the paint on your pool, repainting it or enlarging it.

The different types of concrete pools

The renovation work also depends on the structure of your concrete pool. Do you have a pool with ash block walls and reinforced areas at strategic points of the structure? We will know how to renovate it properly, as well as a swimming pool with a modular reinforced concrete structure that is very resistant and self-supporting.

Whether it's poured concrete or shotgun structure, our team puts its knowledge at your disposal. Our reputation in renovation is also linked to our obligation to meet compliance standards.

Take advantage of the flexible rates for the renovation of concrete pools offered by Artèc Piscines, your swimming pool specialist for the whole of French-speaking Switzerland. The price varies according to the extent of the work.

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