What's a pool liner?

The pool liner is a welded PVC liner that is custom made in the factory. You must choose this element carefully: even if it is of good quality, it will probably need to be changed in 10 or 15 years. If you could have bought the classic blue liner a few years ago, the colour options have expanded in recent years, making the pool liner a real aesthetic asset for your pool.

Why replace his pool liner?

The liner is the most commonly used coating to ensure the pool is watertight. It is highly appreciated for its adaptability to all types of pools. It comes in the form of a large pocket prepared to measure in the factory. The classic cladding consists of a thickness of 0.75/100 -e.

The replacement of a pool liner is closely linked to the quality of the liner, and therefore to its thickness, manufacturing and many other factors that influence its degradation and durability. The thicker and better maintained the liner is, the more wear-resistant it will be. Intensive use of the pool will quickly reduce its useful life, as well as the abuse of chemical treatments.

Artec Piscines has a great know-how in the renovation of liners for all types of swimming pools. We advise you to choose the best solution.

When to replace your pool liner?

Although certain precautions have been taken to maintain the original condition of the liner, it will not last forever. It will gradually lose its lustre and colour when it turns white. Wrinkles and cracks are signs of the end of life of the liner. Therefore, you should consider replacing it.

Don't wait until it breaks, is damaged or has a hole in it to fix the problem. When these marks begin to appear, replace the liner. We remind you that the liner is custom made, so if you order one, it will be delivered within 2 to 4 weeks. To install or replace old and new liners, call the experts at Artec Piscines.

The installation of a pool liner cannot be done below 15° C in the sun or 20° C without sun, because the liner will not be able to relax enough to be installed properly. The pool liner must be installed in dry weather.

Entrust Artec Piscines with the replacement of your pool liner. Our technicians will do their utmost to carry out this work to your complete satisfaction. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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