You have chosen a large swimming area. Contrary to popular belief, you can secure it with a rolling curtain. An in-depth study will help you determine the features of the model that will suit you.

Treat yourself to a pool cover to cover your pool. With these pool accessories, you can avoid inconveniences that can lead to unnecessary maintenance costs.

Above ground curtains for swimming pools

Ideally, the width of the pool can be up to 12 m to meet NF standards. Pool shutters can be installed lengthwise using specific mechanical devices. They are also suitable for a specific L-shape, in which case the installation should be the widest.

The color is the same as the standard version. This also applies to the deck material: PVC or polycarbonate. To support the entire pool, the pool feet are covered. Carefully blended in with the pool. The small-bladed model with flaps and bearings will reduce the workload on the motor. As a result, the motor will last longer.

There may be technical limitations. The distance from the workshop therefore stops at 6 m. Active curtains will require the same search. For its part, the maximum width of solar roller blinds will be limited to 7 m.

Submerged roller shutters

The coil will be made of stainless steel or aluminium. Its diameter will depend on the actual width of your work. It will oscillate between 180 and 300 mm.

An external engine will be more efficient than an axle version. A calculation made by a project office will determine the preferred pair. This will be 250, 500, 600 or 1000 N/m.

The damper blades in your installation should have little air. This particular shape, but conforming to the NF standard, requires less power.

The cavity must follow a specific technical plan. It must be able to accommodate the rolled up apron, which can be a significant height. The masonry wall will be preferred for large widths. Indeed, the PVC partition will not be proposed at more than 6 m.

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