The reinforced PVC membrane is part of the swimming pool linings independent of the support, i.e. the structure of the pool itself. It consists of a woven high-strength polyester weave sandwiched between two hot-welded PVC (polyvinyl chloride) layers.

Reinforced PVC 150/100th is used to ensure high-strength waterproofing! Whatever the configuration, size or shape of your pool or plot of land, reinforced lining adapts perfectly to your pool.

The 150/100th reinforced PVC is in the form of rolls that are stretched on site and adjusted directly in the pool. The sheet is 3 times thicker than the liner, with the addition of a fibreglass mesh sandwiched between it. The liner is thus stretched over the bottom and the walls. The assembly is welded either cold or by thermo welding (with a hot air gun) and the finish is provided with liquid PVC.

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Reinforced liner or reinforced PVC in Switzerland?

The PVC pool liner consists of a polyester fibre reinforcement covered with two layers of PVC, it is stronger than the liner and has an average life span of 15 years compared to 10. It is also thicker than the liner (1.5 mm thick compared to 0.85 mm for the liner) which makes it a premium quality choice.

The installation can be done on:

  • New swimming pool: especially for collective swimming pools such as a hotel pool or for a high quality private swimming pool in Geneva.
  • As a replacement for a used liner: when you want a stronger membrane with a much longer lifespan than a liner.
  • On a traditional concrete swimming pool in Switzerland as part of a renovated swimming pool, especially if your plastered, tiled or marbled silicone pool has lost its watertightness.

Leakage and sealing problems

Water leakage or sealing problems, depending on their severity, can become a nightmare and force you to anticipate them professionally. Otherwise, they require inspections and stress assessments and can be resolved during the pool renovation process.

Upgrading your pool

If your pool is old and dilapidated... We have solutions to improve the visual finish towards a more modern and contemporary look are available both in terms of material and colour.

Thanks to our expertise and experience, we can provide you with solutions and the latest technical advances to suit all types of construction and requirements, so that you can enjoy your new pool (indoor or outdoor) quickly and confidently, or give your existing pool a new, modern look.

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