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Pool covers and roller shutter

Artec Piscines continues to diversify its offers to leave you a wide choice, especially in products and equipment to protect your pool from bad weather.

We therefore offer you another type of pool cover to protect your pool from impurities and ensure safety around your pool. These are pool covers, available in different types depending on their height, function and materials of manufacture.

Artec Swimming Pools

Solar polycarbonate pool cover

The new polycarbonate solar slats combine the excellent insulation of the PVC slats with energy efficiency and function as real "solar collectors". They are perfect for colder regions and allow you to heat your pool water and save several degrees compared to a conventional cover.

Polycarbonate slats have high demands on the quality of the heating, as they can raise the temperature and maintain the heat accumulation longer during the day. It is a free ecological resource and the pool can be used for a longer season. For this reason it is important to make the right investment with the right product.

Solar polycarbonate pool covers repair

Need your pool cover repaired? Sometimes it is just the apron that needs to be changed, i.e. all the strips that make up its closure. In fact, your motor may be in perfect working order, but your blades are damaged or simply worn.

Our polycarbonate aprons have the special feature of having a cloudy, watertight chamber above the hinge. This prevents the traditional multiplication of algae on the hinge. What's more, these slats benefit from a highly effective anti-UV treatment that prolongs their lifespan. Several colors are available. We'll be happy to take on any replacement and/or repair work for your polycarbonate solar curtain.

Telescopic sliding pool enclosure

Do you want a covered pool, but can't decide between a telescopic pool cover and a roller shutter? The choice can be difficult, as both types of pool protection have their advantages and disadvantages.

When you have children, remember to protect the area around the pool. It's not that it's complicated or that we're running out of choices. It's about choosing a solution that we generally want to be as practical as possible.

Some have added fences but this destroys part of their garden. Others choose electric roller shutters: you have to be patient, however, especially with the cheaper models.

Take time to think, we are here to advise you.

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5-year warranty

10-year material warranty and 20-year service life

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3-year warranty on our equipment