Maintaining the pool is a habit that you need to make to ensure that your equipment gives you the same pleasure every time you use it. To ensure long-lasting well-being since it brings you a holiday at home, it deserves regular maintenance because it is quickly polluted and its water is no longer as healthy and clear as it should be. Various elements must be the object of a particular attention so that the filtration and the treatment of water is done in the best conditions. One of these elements is the water pump.

Filter pumps

This essential part ensures the circulation of water in the pool's pipe system. It plays a key role in the cycle that purifies the water, which is then cleaned of impurities suspended in the pool water. It sucks the water from the pool, passes it through the filter and sometimes through the disinfection system and then discharges it back into the pool through the discharge nozzles. Usually the only mechanical component of a swimming pool installation, the water pump also has an important role in filter washing and rinsing.

Filtration of a swimming pool

The filter is the "lung" of the pool. It retains the impurities in the pool water and ensures clean and healthy water for optimal bathing comfort.

There are different technologies: cartridge filters, ecological and very efficient, sand (or glass) filters, simple and durable.

Parts of the pump to be serviced

This system obviously includes the pump but also a pre-filter, also called a skimmer, which retains the biggest impurities and the filter which retains leaves, insects and any other pollutant.

There are three main types of filters:

  • Sand filters
  • Cartridge filters
  • Diatomaceous earth filters

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