Swimming pool with wooden deck

The pool deck is often made of wood because of the many qualities of this material. It cannot be said enough, wood is warm, aesthetic, practical and very pleasant to walk on.

It does not retain heat and this feature allows you to walk on it without any worries, even in the sun. However, not all wood is suitable for a pool deck.

A pool deck can be built with 3 types of wood: European wood, tropical wood (or exotic wood) and composite wood.

European woods

These are species such as pine, oak, fir, beech, birch, etc. These woods are aesthetically pleasing and are generally light in colour.

Their main disadvantage is that they are not rot-proof, so they need to be treated against pests and reinforced with paint to make them tough and last longer. They can also develop splinters over time and be slippery when wet.

Exotic or tropical woods

This category includes species such as iroko, teak, mahogany, etc. These woods come from tropical forests and are naturally dense, which makes them rot-proof. However, because of their remote origins, they are rare and expensive on the market. They can also become slippery when wet.

Wood composite

As the name suggests, wood composite is a compound (containing several components) obtained from wood processing waste and PVC.

Swimming pool with slab terrace

Would you like to turn your garden into a piece of paradise? Then the main element is natural stone! On the terrace, around your pool and even in the pool: natural stone paving outdoors is authentic, timeless and truly unique!

Whether you like rustic, classic or modern natural stone outdoor tiles, there are ranges of materials, colours and sizes to suit all styles and tastes.

Pool with sliding cover

Are you looking for an alternative to a movable floor pool? Opt for a sliding pool cover. A stylish and modern solution for those who want to save space. You can enjoy the sun by swimming in the pool during the day and turn it into a real terrace when it is cold.

This is possible both indoors and outdoors. We are constantly innovating to offer you a pool that matches your interior and expresses your personality.

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