What is a reinforced PVC pool liner?

The reinforced PVC membrane is laid directly on the concrete structure of the pool. It requires a very precise custom installation with complex welding techniques, which must be mastered perfectly.

The membrane consists of a high-strength woven frame sandwiched between two thermally welded PVC layers. It is reinforced with a weave of cotton threads and particularly resistant plastics. It comes in rolls of 25m x 1.60m which can be directly welded to the bottom and sides of the pool.

It has an average thickness of 150/100 -eme, and its characteristics make it waterproof and pleasant to the touch . Its lifespan is longer than that of a liner: 15 to 20 years.

Artec Piscines has extensive know-how in the installation of reinforced PVC coverings. The guarantee on the installation is 2 years. The guarantee of the materials is 10 years and 20 years of life.

The reinforced PVC film can be treated in different ways:

Anti-ultraviolet treatment to limit discoloration caused by the sun.

Fungicidal and antibacterial treatment can prevent the multiplication of algae and microorganisms.

Anti-slip treatment ensures the safety of stairs and underwater beaches

Why choose an armed PVC pool?

Its particularity makes it the most suitable lining for many pool configurations:

The reinforced PVC film is suitable for pools of various shapes and sizes. Unlike the ring, the ring is in the form of a custom-made pocket, while the membrane tape is welded in place. Thus, they can be adapted to all pool shapes: free-form, corridors, infinity pools, etc.

The reinforced PVC membrane ensures the watertightness of all pools. It can be placed on any support, so it can waterproof all types of pools: wooden structures, metal, concrete, etc.
In renovation, it is particularly suited to repairing waterproofing problems in shell, masonry and tiled pools.

Advantages of the reinforced PVC swimming pool membrane?

This multifunctional coating has many advantages:

- The reinforced PVC film is highly resistant to corrosion. That is why it is recommended to use it in a communal pool with a large number of swimmers.
- It appeared quickly.
- It can withstand hot water. It is an ideal coating for indoor pools heated to more than 28 ° all year round.
- Because of its antifungal and antibacterial treatment during its manufacturing process, it is very easy to maintain.

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