Artec Swimming Pools

Concrete Pool

For those who want a pool with a specific shape, concrete is your ideal choice, because all aspects of the pool are made by the builder. Our expertise allows Artec Piscines to create concrete pools with classic geometric shapes: circles, squares, polygons, bean shapes ...

The durability of your concrete pool will depend on a solid and well constructed construction. Artec Piscines has a great deal of experience in this field. We know exactly what the risk factors are. We apply our know-how to make your pool work properly. All the materials we use for your project are of high quality, in order to maximise its lifespan.

Concrete pools can be decorated not only with tiles, but also with reinforced PCV (thickness 150/100) in a wide variety of colors. Liner is also an option (thickness 75/100). At Artec Piscine, your satisfaction is our priority.

Artec Swimming Pools

Reinforced PVC pool

We waterproof your pool with a reinforced PVC membrane. Reinforced PVC membranes offer many advantages. Used for both pool construction and renovation, it stands out for its flexibility, strength and longevity. Reinforced PVC membranes are also known as reinforced liners.

But if it looks like the liner, its design and installation are very different. Thicker and more resistant, it fits where a classic liner is not enough: indoor pools with heated water or complex shaped pools. It is particularly suitable for renovations.

Pool with terrace

Are you planning to install a pool deck and have some questions? The choice of a pool deck depends first and foremost on the material you choose, but also on the nature of your terrain and the installation. Artec Piscines is constantly innovating to offer you a pool that's just right for you.

Wooden swimming pool terrace

If you choose a wooden pool deck, you will benefit from the advantage of an authentic, natural and warm material. These are usually pool decks made of gratings, i.e. boards that are joined together, which do not retain moisture for too long and do not store heat, thus ensuring greater comfort for swimmers. They can be made of European wood, exotic wood or composite wood.

Stone pool terrace

The stone pool terrace gives a very elegant look to the pool surrounds, and can be made of marble, granite or sandstone. The latter is also recommended as it is the least slippery and prevents falls and slips. These rocks are resistant to sun, weather, temperature, humidity and dirt of all kinds.

Tiled swimming pool terrace

Although it is generally elegant and pleasant, tiles are still a material that must be chosen with great care, especially as they must be non-slip to avoid accidents. You will find it in a multitude of colours and patterns, and it is certainly the easiest material to clean.

Criteria to be taken into account in the price of a pool terrace

The material is not the only element to be taken into account in the price of a swimming pool terrace, as criteria such as the nature of your floor, the difficulty of installation and the finishes you want will be taken into account in the cost of your pool terrace. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you call on a professional, whatever the material you have chosen, to ensure you get an impeccable and long-lasting result.

Artec Swimming Pools

Tailor-made pool

Each house, each pool project is unique. The grounds and gardens are different in size and character. Artec swimming pools can be adapted to any natural terrain, even on steep slopes.

Concerning the nature of your land, it can be clay, rock or even sand. The frame of our swimming pool is made of resistant panels, so it is possible to install them on all types of ground. The same goes for medium or steep slopes. Ideal for a unique project that suits you.

Artec Swimming Pools

Tiled pool

You've probably noticed a sparkling blue pool or a light marble pool in one place or another. With tile cladding, it's all possible. Make your deepest wishes come true by building a tiled pool. Artèc Piscines will do its utmost to deliver results that live up to your expectations. Building a tiled pool opens up a world of possibilities.

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