Commissioning of the pool

It is advisable to put your swimming pool into service at the end of winter (at Easter for example) or as soon as the water reaches 12°C (15°C max). We recommend opening your pool in April, early enough to avoid poor water quality.

Swimming pool maintenance in Geneva

To optimise the cleanliness of your pool water, we recommend that you take into account the time of year, the number of bathers, the volume of water in the pool, etc.
During the summer, it is necessary to remove leaves, debris, insects and use a filtration system daily.

You should also constantly check the pH of the water as this will determine the effectiveness of your treatment products. For example, if a chlorine pool is maintained, the pH should be between 7 and 7.4. If it is higher than 7.8, the chlorine will hardly work. Keep in mind that maintaining your pool with chlorine can eliminate bacteria, algae and fungi and thus protect the health of bathers. However, this product is not recommended for sensitive skin.

Artec Piscines accompanies you and advises you on the most suitable products for the maintenance of your swimming pool.

Swimming pool cleaning

Compared to this classification, Artec Piscines gives you more details on the difference between cleaning products and disinfecting products.

Cleaning products. You have the flocculant that collects impurities to facilitate water filtration. In other cases, the dirt settles to the bottom of the pool and the vacuum cleaner, broom or pool cleaner takes care of removing it. To clean the water line, you will choose spray or gel cleaning products that also serve to descale the filter. We will also mention anti-metals, anti-foam, winterizing products and many others that you can discover in our product catalogue.

Disinfection products. Chlorine, in the form of granules or pellets, is cheaper than bromine, which is odourless and less irritating. Nicollier Piscines offers you other alternatives such as active oxygen, which is just as effective in disinfection.

Winterization of your Pool

Active Wintering

Consists of letting the pool run at a slow speed. The filtration system works a few hours a day and also takes care of the pool. This winter technique includes the following services:

  • The application of the winter product in the pool.
  • Regular monitoring of pH and water balance.
  • Opening of defoamers
  • Adjustment of the icing box to prevent your pool water from freezing.

Passive Wintering

Is the complete shutdown of all equipment throughout the winter period; in this case, no maintenance is required.

This wintering technology includes the following services:

  • The complete and deep cleaning of the pool.
  • The treatment and lowering of the water level.
  • The complete draining of the pool's filtration system.
  • Addition of anti-algae antifreeze and descaling products.
  • Installation of antifreeze accessories (floats, plugs, etc.)
  • Installation of a winter protection blanket.

So, by getting your pool up and running again and protecting it from the cold, we make sure that your pool can function normally from one season to the next.

When to winterize your pool?

In active or passive mode, it doesn't matter, only one element tells you whether or not to winterize your pool. And that element is the water temperature. To do this, it must be at 15°C or even slightly below for a few days.

If you do this while it is warmer, algae and bacteria could grow in your pool when the filtration system is down or not at all. However, if the water turns green, there is a great risk that you will have to empty your pool in the spring. Therefore, make sure that the water temperature is stabilized below 15° C to start wintering.

Contact Artec piscines for any request for commissioning, wintering and cleaning for your pool. We intervene quickly and efficiently.

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