Polycarbonate solar curtains are, without a doubt, the safest solution for covering swimming pools. Its waterproof polycarbonate slats are specially designed to support a weight of over 80 kg. Once your pool is closed, you will no longer have any fear of leaving children and pets unattended.

The advantages of solar polycarbonate

When your pool cover protects your pool from various external threats such as light, dirt and cold.

Indeed, the water is less in contact with the sun, responsible for photosynthesis, which considerably reduces the proliferation of algae and therefore the use of chemical products to combat this phenomenon.

In addition, the flap prevents water evaporation and therefore allows your pool to maintain its temperature, which will reduce your energy bill. By opting for a polycarbonate heating cover, you will gain heat. In fact, a flap allows you to increase the temperature by up to 8°C. You will no longer see the need for a heat pump, boiler or other heating system.

The flap is certainly the only cover that can be used by everyone. In fact, all you have to do is press a switch to close or open it. There is therefore no force or explanations to provide for its use.

Thanks to its automation and robustness, the shutter is considered to be the most chic and elegant cover. Unlike tarpaulins, it does not slacken or tear over time.

Thanks to the anti-UV treatment of the slats and the materials used for the motorization, our shutters are extremely reliable over time. As the heating shutters are put to greater use, it is advisable to change only the shutter every 15-20 years.

Solar cover installation for swimming pools

Replacing a pool cover is an extremely delicate operation, before installing a new cover or drapery, it is important to check the initial power of your motor.

This is because motors wear out over time and a new deck, given its tightness compared to the old one, often requires more effort to be wound up. As a result, it is sometimes necessary to change the motor when replacing the platform. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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