Tiling is not, in principle, suitable for all pools. In fact, tiling is mainly reserved for concrete pools.

Furthermore, it must be laid on an impermeable layer because, unlike other types of coverings, tiles alone cannot guarantee the watertightness of the pool. The walls of the pool must therefore be covered with an impermeable coating before receiving the tiles.

For some years now, epoxy adhesives have been used to lay tiles on hull pools. The tiles or glazes are then laid directly on the gelcoat to create simple friezes. Indeed, epoxy adhesives do not allow the tiling of the entire pool.

To completely cover a swimming pool with a polyester shell, without the risk of the lining coming off, it is necessary to use a very specific glue that has recently appeared on the market.

The different types of pool tiles

Glass paste inlays, enamel and ceramic tiles represent three types of pool tiles.


Ceramic tiles are available in different sizes of flat slabs, but are always wider than glass inlays and glazes. This type of covering is mainly used for municipal swimming pools.

The mosaics

Molten glass mosaics made of glass paste are usually made of small mosaics of 2 cm x 2 cm. This type of covering is very commonly used to cover private swimming pools, and the size of the tiles makes it easy to cover the rounded edges of the pool.

Glass enamel

Enamelled glass enamel provides the most luxurious effect. Enamelled glass tiles are larger than bonded glass mosaic tiles, typically ranging from 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm to 5 cm x 5 cm.

The advantages of pool tiling

The popularity of swimming pool tiling is due to its many advantages:

Resistance: this type of coating nowadays has an exceptional lifespan. Water repellent, enamel, glass paste and ceramic are perfectly resistant to water aggression, temperature variations, chemical and UV treatments.

A unique design: pool tiles allow you to fully customize your pool with a wide variety of colours and textures. In particular, tesserae and enamels allow you to create unique mosaic patterns at the bottom of the water.

Easy to maintain : the pool tiles only need to be checked for damage from time to time. The joints are cleaned regularly, especially at the waterline.

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