Polycarbonate swimming pool repair

You have a broken slat, a solar curtain damaged by hail, a burnt-out motor - in all these situations, we intervene quickly.

Solar polycarbonate curtain renovation

Renovating your polycarbonate pool curtain is an opportunity to protect your pool. This is an aesthetic and practical alternative to protect the installation from various debris and objects that can impair water quality. But what is the purpose of this renovation at Artec Piscines?

Roller shutters are floating devices that are installed in swimming pools for their protection. This material, which is made of PVC material, covers the pool and thus guarantees its safety. Therefore, this device is used to cover the pool when it is not in use. This apron also protects the tank as an isothermal wall.

Why renovate your pool cover?

The renovation of polycarbonate pool curtains is necessary to protect the pool from dust, leaves and flying objects in the garden. To do this kind of work, you must rely on the services of a professional. Our company, Artec Piscines, knows all the specificities of each material. Therefore, we carry out renovation work quickly and in accordance with the applicable standards.

Therefore, the choice of this pool cover depends on the environment and its specific parameters. If you use our services to renovate your pool cover at Artèc Piscines, you can use a UV sterilizer or heat pump heating. However, we take into account your type of pool liner to best customize your pool enclosure.

Diagnosis of your pool

Also think about the technical rooms of your pool: an upgrade with the latest equipment, resulting from the best technologies, offers a comfort of use, safety and quality much higher to fully enjoy your pool.

Research, diagnostics and repairs: thanks to our experts, say goodbye to leaks! To go even further in comfort and safety, our experts are at your side to prevent leaks. If you suspect a problem in your pool, don't hesitate to contact us!

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